Luxury picnics, no hassle.

A picnic for every occasion

Canberra is such a beautiful region with so many picturesque locations. Why not get outdoors and enjoy everything the Australian Capital Territory has to offer? Canberra Picnic Company offers luxurious picnics for all occasions. Check out our Curated Packages to find out more.

Romantic evening with that special someone? We’ve got you covered. Baby shower? Perfect! Christmas party? Great idea! Afternoon hang out with your friends? Too easy! Our picnics are sure to hit the spot.

Have a unique picnic in mind?

We also offer bespoke experiences that are tailored uniquely to your needs! If you’ve got something unique in mind, we’ll do everything we can to make it a reality. Contact us via Instagram or email for more details.

No matter what you’ve got in mind, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

We’re here to help

Got a question for us? Head over to our FAQ page and you’ll likely find the answer. If you don’t, just reach out to us – we’re always here to help.

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